Home brew is ready!

Hi all!

Tonight is the moment of truth – trying the home brew. Thats right people: it’s been two weeks since we bottled our first batch of home brew, and following the guide that came with the kit the beer has had long enough to condition in the bottle. Settling down here for the evening I got myself a pint glass out and opened the first bottle of the batch.

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Plans for homebrew

Hi all

A few years ago, inspired by my parents, I used to brew my own beer. It started off as a nostalgic interest for me, with a very basic set up which progressed to a far more regular hobby with more equipment. I say nostalgic as my parents used to brew a lot of their own beer and ferment a lot of their own wine, and hearing from them about it sparked my initial interest.

My Christmas present from Sarah, unpacked and ready to go

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