About us

Hi all!

Thanks for checking out this blog that I’ve started with my wife Sarah. We are both greatly interested in growing our own food and making things go further. Since living together we have been looking into more ways in which we can make the most of what we have. A while ago I posted on another blog I write on about our first steps into self sufficiency and realised that there is a lot to share here. I spoke a little about our plans to start growing some veg in our compact garden. There’s other ideas we have had here that we will work on and explore.

Sarah has had experience growing a range of vegetables, both at home and on a college course. Before we moved in together she was growing produce in pots at her mums, making the most of limited space available there. I’m a gardener by profession, and have some runnings with vegetable gardening for clients which we have also reaped some benefits of. In terms of gardening for myself: when I was growing up we had a vegetable patch in our garden which I worked on for a couple of years with my dad.

I have always been interested in looking out for the environment with everything I do. More recently I have been researching the impacts of my profession on the broader environment, trying to balance my passion for high quality work with minimising negative impacts on the environment.

We are both really excited about what lies ahead with our garden, not just in the produce we will grow but in terms of other areas of self sufficiency we will explore. These are the first steps of a longer journey, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Thanks for reading