Seed sowing begins

Hi all

Last year we had good intentions of starting seeds off early indoors so we were one step ahead with getting plants out early. We had all of the stuff to do it, however time ran away with us and we never got organised. This year, however, we are much better prepared, and a few days ago Sarah got to work planting up some trays which we will keep in the house until they are ready to plant out.

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Page updates

Hi all

Just a couple of changes to our blog to let you all know about. As you may have noticed the title of our page has changed from “Tom and Sarah’s first steps to self sufficiency” to simply “Tom and Sarah’s world”. It’s still us, still the same ideas, however we feel our new name rolls off of the tongue a little easier.

The other new and exciting thing is that we have just started a page on Facebook, where we will be sharing pictures and articles. If you’re interested in following us on there please feel free to click the link below and hit the “Like” button. But don’t hit too hard!

Cheers peeps


If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Hi all

Well I had a bit of a result at today’s job. For a while I’ve been planning to get hold of some wooden pallets and make a few wooden compost bays to replace the plastic ones we inherited. The clients I worked for today had some plants delivered in a couple of crates, and I found out that they were planning on burning them on the bonfire. The magical question starting with “I don’t suppose…?” was presented and now I’m the happy owner of two wooden crates.

Crates waiting to be transformed

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Home brew is ready!

Hi all!

Tonight is the moment of truth – trying the home brew. Thats right people: it’s been two weeks since we bottled our first batch of home brew, and following the guide that came with the kit the beer has had long enough to condition in the bottle. Settling down here for the evening I got myself a pint glass out and opened the first bottle of the batch.

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Lunch at the allotment

Hi all

Happy new year! I know we are a few days late in wishing that but better late than never. Over the Christmas break I managed to do a lot more clearing at the allotment, carrying on with our plan of three long beds on the footprint of the previous raised beds. All last week at work I had been looking forward to the weekend, having made plans for the allotment. One of the new things I wanted to try out was cooking some food on a little bucket BBQ while I worked.

Lunch is served!

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Plans for homebrew

Hi all

A few years ago, inspired by my parents, I used to brew my own beer. It started off as a nostalgic interest for me, with a very basic set up which progressed to a far more regular hobby with more equipment. I say nostalgic as my parents used to brew a lot of their own beer and ferment a lot of their own wine, and hearing from them about it sparked my initial interest.

My Christmas present from Sarah, unpacked and ready to go

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How to build a fire

Hi all

I have the luxury of experience with lighting stoves since a young age; I grew up in an old cottage that had 3 multi-fuel stoves which we used as a major source of warmth. This being the case when I was old enough to do so I got plenty of practice in lighting fires and keeping them running. From what I can see more and more households are using stoves for heating, which is good to see. This being the case I thought I’d share some of my experience here.

A very comforting sight

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