Change of plan

Hi all

We have had a little bit of a rethink on the layout of our plot, as the inherited raised beds are revealing how past it they really are. All of the corner posts are rotten at the bottom; all of the lower boards making up the walls have completely disintegrated and a few of the upper boards are in a rough state too. In short we are looking at more of a complete rebuild with new materials rather than making running repairs. Then there’s the matter of 5 out of the 9 beds not having any extra soil in. The more we’ve looked and thought, the more we have realised that reinstating these beds will be more hassle than its worth.

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Busy busy busy…

Hi all!

Well as we suspected the allotment has gone from really quiet to ridiculously busy at the drop of a hat. The weather over the last month or so seems to have given anything plant based a huge boost with the really wet few weeks followed by last week’s heat wave. Don’t take this as a complaint by any stretch of the imagination! Having had a long cold winter it’s glorious to see so much vigour and life in the garden.

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