How to build a fire

Hi all

I have the luxury of experience with lighting stoves since a young age; I grew up in an old cottage that had 3 multi-fuel stoves which we used as a major source of warmth. This being the case when I was old enough to do so I got plenty of practice in lighting fires and keeping them running. From what I can see more and more households are using stoves for heating, which is good to see. This being the case I thought I’d share some of my experience here.

A very comforting sight

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Winter is coming…

Hi all,

September is quickly disappearing, with mornings and evenings drawing in, and the first few leaves turning and falling from the trees. Temperatures are dropping and the very distinct smell of autumn is in the air. Even with the declining season there is still plenty to prepare for winter.

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Free heating

Hi all,

Happy 2018! Just got a few thoughts and ideas to share on our first real sustainable task: heating our home. We are really fortunate that our landlord had installed a multi-fuel burner in the living room and has given us permission to use it. With this we have found that with a small fire we can heat the whole house. Even with the recent cold snaps we haven’t used any of the electric heaters in the house thanks to this.

Results of our last lumberjack session which will keep us going for a good couple of weeks

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