Home flavoured Gin

Hi all!

Yes, we have been favouring our own gin. Sarah had the idea afer getting some reduced fruit from her work (we aren’t at the stage of growing fruit at the allotment yet). Although close to the best before date on the packet the fruit still had life left in it and was perfect for our little project. Both of us appreciate a nice drop of gin now and then so this seemed ideal. Sarah researched a recipe and off we went.

Fruits of our labour

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First (miniature) harvest

Hi all

We have food! Not a huge amount, granted, but it’s a start. Tom was at the allotment in the week and saw that some of the few surviving first batch of broadbeans have ripened; needless to say these were picked just before leaving the allotment. Towards the end of my visit there I noticed little flecks of red in some of the long grass that are we yet to strim. I had a closer look to find some strawberry plants… bit of a cheeky result!

A small taste of what is to come…

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