Why season firewood?

Hi all!

How are we doing? We recently posted a little about our source of heating for our home, where we mentioned about seasoning firewood. Its something that we were aware of, but when we wrote the article we decided to look into the science behind why firewood needs to be seasoned. Allow us to share some of what we found out… Continue reading “Why season firewood?”

All about the tools

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With all the best planning and plant selection in the world, any gardener is stuck without the support of some decent tools. We’ve been thinking about this and sorting out what we need to get together to give us the proper support on our little patch of land. At the moment we are borrowing a couple of hand tools to get ourselves started, with a view to get some new tools over the next couple of months. Allow us to share our thoughts on what we are looking at getting…

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First day on the allotment

Hi all!

Today was what could be a reasonably regular event for a Saturday: a good stint at the allotment for Tom. I was down there for an hour or so, getting my head around the plot, and working out where to start on the 9 beds. Once this busy thinking process was done I got to work with a fork and started clearing.

Fruits of today’s labour – one down, eight to go!

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First seeds purchased

Hi all!

How are we today? As you’ve guessed from the title Sarah and I have made our first purchase of seeds for the coming season. We have spoken about what we wanted to grow and last night we made a trip out to buy. I know that in a fully self sufficient state you should be able to propagate your own plants from scratch. However we are at the beginning of this journey, and don’t yet have the resources to do this. So for the time being we will be purchasing seeds to germinate and grow on. Continue reading “First seeds purchased”

Free heating

Hi all,

Happy 2018! Just got a few thoughts and ideas to share on our first real sustainable task: heating our home. We are really fortunate that our landlord had installed a multi-fuel burner in the living room and has given us permission to use it. With this we have found that with a small fire we can heat the whole house. Even with the recent cold snaps we haven’t used any of the electric heaters in the house thanks to this.

Results of our last lumberjack session which will keep us going for a good couple of weeks

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Hello and welcome!

Hi all!

Thanks for checking out this new blog that I’ve started with my fiancée Sarah. We are both greatly interested in growing our own food and making things go further. Since living together and more so since moving into our new home we have been looking into more ways in which we can make the most of what we have. I recently posted on another blog I write on about our first steps into self sufficiency and realised that there is a lot to share here. I spoke a little about our plans to start growing some veg in our compact garden. There’s other ideas we have had here that we will work on and explore.

Sarah has had experience growing a range of vegetables, both at home and on a college course. Before we moved in together she was growing produce in pots at her mums, making the most of limited space available there. She’s excited about our current place as we have more space to play with. I’m a gardener by profession, and have some runnings with vegetable gardening for clients which we have also reaped some benefits of. In terms of gardening for myself: when I was growing up we had a vegetable patch in our garden which I worked on for a couple of years with my dad.

We are both really excited about what lies ahead with our garden, not just in the produce we will grow but in terms of other areas of self sufficiency we will explore. These are the first steps of a longer journey, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Thanks for reading