Home flavoured Gin

Hi all!

Yes, we have been favouring our own gin. Sarah had the idea afer getting some reduced fruit from her work (we aren’t at the stage of growing fruit at the allotment yet). Although close to the best before date on the packet the fruit still had life left in it and was perfect for our little project. Both of us appreciate a nice drop of gin now and then so this seemed ideal. Sarah researched a recipe and off we went.

Fruits of our labour

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Winter is coming…

Hi all,

September is quickly disappearing, with mornings and evenings drawing in, and the first few leaves turning and falling from the trees. Temperatures are dropping and the very distinct smell of autumn is in the air. Even with the declining season there is still plenty to prepare for winter.

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Pimp my shed pt 1

Hi all

Saturday saw the completion of one of the bigger jobs that I wanted to have done before the weather turns: weather proofing the outside of the shed. One incredibly hot day a few weeks ago I got a decent coat of paint on the walls, protecting the wood and making the shed look clean and loved. I even put new house number stickers on the side for our plot number. Saturday I had a decent chunk of the afternoon to spend at our plot so decided to tackle the roof.

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Economics of growing your own

Hi all how are we today?

I was talking to someone at work other day, and needless to say the subject of our allotment came up. He was quite interested about the whole subject and asked me a question that I hadn’t really thought much about: “How much cheaper is it to grow your own compared to buying vegetables at the shop?” Up until now I have been focussing on other benefits such as taste, nutrition, satisfaction of the process as well the philosophy of growing your own. Its crazy that the idea this would save us a lot of money on our food bill hadn’t really occured to me.

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July update

Hi all!

A few days late for a July update but there we go! What a summer it’s been so far. We have had the first rain here in about 10 weeks and given how much we have neglected watering our allotment, things have done surprisingly well. We have been using some of the herbs from our little herb garden and have noticed the difference from dried supermarket herbs. We have also been making the most of the heat to dry next winter’s firewood.

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Change of plan

Hi all

We have had a little bit of a rethink on the layout of our plot, as the inherited raised beds are revealing how past it they really are. All of the corner posts are rotten at the bottom; all of the lower boards making up the walls have completely disintegrated and a few of the upper boards are in a rough state too. In short we are looking at more of a complete rebuild with new materials rather than making running repairs. Then there’s the matter of 5 out of the 9 beds not having any extra soil in. The more we’ve looked and thought, the more we have realised that reinstating these beds will be more hassle than its worth.

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