First (miniature) harvest

Hi all

We have food! Not a huge amount, granted, but it’s a start. Tom was at the allotment in the week and saw that some of the few surviving first batch of broadbeans have ripened; needless to say these were picked just before leaving the allotment. Towards the end of my visit there I noticed little flecks of red in some of the long grass that are we yet to strim. I had a closer look to find some strawberry plants… bit of a cheeky result!

A small taste of what is to come…

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Busy busy busy…

Hi all!

Well as we suspected the allotment has gone from really quiet to ridiculously busy at the drop of a hat. The weather over the last month or so seems to have given anything plant based a huge boost with the really wet few weeks followed by last week’s heat wave. Don’t take this as a complaint by any stretch of the imagination! Having had a long cold winter it’s glorious to see so much vigour and life in the garden.

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Making our own compost


Another aspect which we are exploring is how we handle rubbish. On the allotment (and indeed in the kitchen) we will be producing a fair amount of green waste, which can be put to good use in our composting bins. Along with the shed, we inherited two plastic composting bins on the allotment, which has some compost already in. Whats there is mixed; theres some usable stuff, with some unrotted material in there as well. We will make a sieve from scavenged materials to sort this out sometime soon. Once emptied we will start afresh with empty bins for the coming year.

One of our inherited compost bins along with the old compost yet to be sieved

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First day on the allotment

Hi all!

Today was what could be a reasonably regular event for a Saturday: a good stint at the allotment for Tom. I was down there for an hour or so, getting my head around the plot, and working out where to start on the 9 beds. Once this busy thinking process was done I got to work with a fork and started clearing.

Fruits of today’s labour – one down, eight to go!

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First seeds purchased

Hi all!

How are we today? As you’ve guessed from the title Sarah and I have made our first purchase of seeds for the coming season. We have spoken about what we wanted to grow and last night we made a trip out to buy. I know that in a fully self sufficient state you should be able to propagate your own plants from scratch. However we are at the beginning of this journey, and don’t yet have the resources to do this. So for the time being we will be purchasing seeds to germinate and grow on. Continue reading “First seeds purchased”