Seed sowing begins

Hi all

Last year we had good intentions of starting seeds off early indoors so we were one step ahead with getting plants out early. We had all of the stuff to do it, however time ran away with us and we never got organised. This year, however, we are much better prepared, and a few days ago Sarah got to work planting up some trays which we will keep in the house until they are ready to plant out.

So far we have: tomatoes, gherkins, peppers, broccoli, carrots and cucumber planted. Quite a healthy stock I’m sure you’ll agree. By the time it’s warm enough for these to go out (usually around March, April) we should have some healthy sturdy you plants to put in, giving us produce much earlier in the season. We will sow different crops in a month or two which need to be planted later, also in the trays you see above. Sarah used the black individual trays, which are sitting in slightly larger plastics trays, which in turn are sitting on a tea towel to limit the mess on our kitchen floor.

We were given a walk in greenhouse as a Christmas present by Sarah’s mum, which we will put together in our garden at home once the worst of the cold weather is out of the way. It will be perfect for hardening off the plants – getting them used to slightly cooler temperatures without exposing them to really cold frosts if we have any. We will also be able to use it to start off any seeds that we grow later on, as it will raise the temperature inside by a few degrees, speeding up germination.

For now though, all we can do is sit and wait, keeping the soil moist and waiting eagerly for the first signs of life. Thanks for reading people, hope you’re getting to this stage too!


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