Home brew is ready!

Hi all!

Tonight is the moment of truth – trying the home brew. Thats right people: it’s been two weeks since we bottled our first batch of home brew, and following the guide that came with the kit the beer has had long enough to condition in the bottle. Settling down here for the evening I got myself a pint glass out and opened the first bottle of the batch.

The bottle opened with a satisfying hiss, and as to be expected with any bottle conditioned ale, there was a little sediment in the bottom. Anticipating this I made sure I poured slowly and steadily leaving the small amount of dirty beer in the bottle. This will be washed out later and the bottle stored, ready for the next batch that we brew. In the glass, the beer has less gas than a lot of shop brought beers. As you can see below its got a nice dark colour, and its full of flavour. Its definitely got the thumbs up from me!

So until the next batch, cheers!


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