New log store

Hi all,

Over the summer we were busy building a healthy stock pile of firewood for this winter. Amidst the activity cutting and splitting the logs, one key element that we have recently taken care of is a decent store to keep the worst of the rain off of them, so they will be good to bring straight in for the fire. With the exception of some screws all of the materials used here I’ve salvaged.

A very pleasing sight – a decently stocked wood store

The design is nice and simple; although it did change slightly as I was building it. I started by levelling out the ground through digging out some soil and building up the level with some second hand bricks. The base is a pallet lying flat; with any log store it’s better to have a gap between your logs and the ground to stop moisture coming up and into the wood. The slats in a pallet are perfect to allow air get to the wood. Two more pallets to give us the sides with cross pieces at the back to stop the sides flexing.

As you can see in the picture below I put two cross pieces on the back. The wood used here used to be uprights of modified pallets which I had initially brought home for firewood until I saw this other use for them. After I put the first one on the structure seemed sturdy enough. However I’ve learnt that when you build something it’s better to build it really strong, so I added an extra cross piece. Now it’s definitely not going anywhere!

So far I’ve followed the design I had floating around in my head. The only change was to the roof; initially I was going to rest a 4th pallet on the uprights and cover the gaps with boards from the old raised beds at the allotment. However the pallet I had lined up for the roof wasn’t big enough to reach the uprights. So I substituted it with some more lengths of the wood used for my cross pieces and screwed the boards straight onto them.

The finished article

The wood I’ve used has been stuff I’ve had freely to hand, which is what I suggest if you’re looking to do something similar. Anyway guys thanks for reading, hope this has been useful!



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