Winter is coming…

Hi all,

September is quickly disappearing, with mornings and evenings drawing in, and the first few leaves turning and falling from the trees. Temperatures are dropping and the very distinct smell of autumn is in the air. Even with the declining season there is still plenty to prepare for winter.

The last few crops are being harvested from the allotment and the process of preparing the beds for the next season can properly begin. As the remains of the crops and plants are dug out I can demolish the two remaining raised beds, levelling the area and turning them to nice ground level beds for next year. All being well I should have the clearance work done by mid November, allowing plenty of time for decent soil prep.

The work on the allotment isn’t the only way in which we have been preparing for the dark depths of winter; we have been putting a lot if effort into our firewood supplies. When we moved into our home we enjoyed the luxury of a wood burning stove, despite struggling by scavenging wood to use there and then and buying in some wood when we didn’t have enough. With the long hot summer now behind us we have managed to prepare a much larger amount of wood and cover it, so all we need to do is bring it into the house.

Along side this we have been hoarding large amounts of kindling material, either pine cones or small twigs that we have snapped into manageable sized pieces. With all of this now collected and stored in a dry place, the coming winter can throw whatever it wants at us and we will be warm!!


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