Pimp my shed pt 1

Hi all

Saturday saw the completion of one of the bigger jobs that I wanted to have done before the weather turns: weather proofing the outside of the shed. One incredibly hot day a few weeks ago I got a decent coat of paint on the walls, protecting the wood and making the shed look clean and loved. I even put new house number stickers on the side for our plot number. Saturday I had a decent chunk of the afternoon to spend at our plot so decided to tackle the roof.

Last winter I noticed parts of the roof were getting damp on the inside, so knew that the felt was past it. As I was ripping it off of the roof I realised firstly how thin it was looking, and secondly that there were holes and tears matching up with the damp spots. Having cleared the old stuff off I measured up and tacked on the new felt, weirdly enjoying the smell of the fresh felt. Having felted my first shed roof I stood back to admire my handiwork, pleased that the shed and everything inside will be protected against whatever this coming winter has to throw at it.

Part 2 of sorting the shed can now be done in any weather, and might be a good one to save for a rainy day. This part will be sorting the inside I’ve seen some cool ideas for upcycling old pallets etc to store our hand tools rather than just leaning them against the wall. I have a small grotty looking shelf that needs replacing too.

Just a quick one on progress, will write again soon.



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