Courgettes ahoy

Hi all!

Another milestone today – we harvested and cooked the first of our courgettes. Only two of them have reached a good size, however there are plenty of smaller ones which can develop now that these two are not taking up most of the water and energy from the plant. We have been watching these bad boys grow steadily over the last week or so, keenly awaiting them to be big enough to use and today was that day.

All ready for the cooking pot

Today is a special day – its our anniversary, and our favourite dinner is on the menu: homemade lasagne. Its a dish Tom enjoys cooking, and he decided to swing past the allotment on the way home from work so we could include some of our own produce in the dinner. We only needed one of the courgettes, and cutting it into chunky cubes a mere 20 minutes after it was cut off of the plant was a very satisfying experience. Needless to say the flavour stood out, and tasted great.

The excitment of harvesting and cooking with something we’ve grown from seed and nurtured into a fruiting plant is inspirational. We have a little more to come: the potatoes have flowered and will be harvested over the next few days. Our perpetual spinach is producing plenty of healthy leaves which we will start picking soon. The climbing beans are putting on more steady grown and finally popping some flowers out. Seeing as the focus is more turning the beds into a usable state as opposed to growing, having this little tastes of what is to come makes all of the hard work worth while.

Thanks again for reading people


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