First (miniature) harvest

Hi all

We have food! Not a huge amount, granted, but it’s a start. Tom was at the allotment in the week and saw that some of the few surviving first batch of broadbeans have ripened; needless to say these were picked just before leaving the allotment. Towards the end of my visit there I noticed little flecks of red in some of the long grass that are we yet to strim. I had a closer look to find some strawberry plants… bit of a cheeky result!

A small taste of what is to come…

The potatoes we are growing have flowers on, a sure sign that they are on the brink of being ready for harvest. It will be an interesting to see if our potatoes have had enough water; the last couple of months have been rather dry, and we haven’t managed to get to the allotment as much as we would like. However this is all a learning curve! This little taste of homegrown produce is certainly going to be inspiration to do more; nothing comes close to fruit and veg that you cut off (or dug up) a short time before you put it in your mouth. As well as the flavours being amazing its so satisfying to wander to your home from the allotment with food that you’ve grown and nutured. I can see this being a regular happening!

Well just a short and sweet one to share the exciting update. Thanks for reading as always!


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