Busy busy busy…

Hi all!

Well as we suspected the allotment has gone from really quiet to ridiculously busy at the drop of a hat. The weather over the last month or so seems to have given anything plant based a huge boost with the really wet few weeks followed by last week’s heat wave. Don’t take this as a complaint by any stretch of the imagination! Having had a long cold winter it’s glorious to see so much vigour and life in the garden.

A few of our first lot of broad beans are making an appearance however no where near as many of these came up as we would have hoped. We’re guessing that the really cold weather we had after they went in might have something to do with this…. Some of the perpetual spinach is starting to come through but to be honest it’ll take a little while until the leaves are developed enough to really distinguish them from the inevitable weeds that will put in an appeance. The star growers at the moment are definitely our potatoes. We have have planted two varieties – King Edward and Charlotte; we planted 12 of each of these and so far 11 of the King Eddies are up and 7 of the Charlottes.

Seeing the plants germinating, growing and developing is really exciting. Having spent a lot of time and effort in doing the hard messy work of clearing the bed is finally paying off and the fun part really is beginning. It was getting difficult to stay motivated in just stripping weeds out however now we can see the next stage and feel the excitement of what it brings, that fire to get clearing is being stoked again.

We’ve also sown a couple of rows of broad beans, some climbing beans, and of course the perpetual spinach. Back at home we’ve planted a lot of courgette seeds, lettuce, sweet pepper, strawberry and ‘Gardener’s Delight’ tomatoes in pots, as well as working on our little potted herb garden.

There is still a lot of clearing to do at the allotment. Four of the nine beds are being used with another five still to be cleared. On the large area of grass beyond the raised beds we are thinking of planting some soft fruit plants and some rhubard.

Theres a little snapshot of whats going on here. Lots to do still but the progress we have made makes it all worth while!


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