January update

Hi all!

A few days late we know but we wanted to say a few words about the last month on the allotment. It’s been a very productive month in terms of figuring things out, beginning to get beds cleared and plan where we are going. We’ve made sense of the plot and have a better idea of what work needs to be done. We now have a nice new shiny set of hand tools which should last us a good while, and I’ve gotten into an enjoyable little routine on a Saturday of going over there for an hour or so armed with a flask of coffee to get to work.

Some allotment essentials…

As the weather improves and the evenings get lighter I suspect one or the both of us will pop over there for a short stint after work, even if a passing visit to keep things watered or more importantly harvest some food for dinner. Being so close to where we live and en route for both of us from work, these passing visits will soon become routine.

We now have a good stock of seeds and have planned what will be planted where and when. Successional sowing is a method we are incorporating in order to give us more of a usable amount of food for a longer period of time, eliminating as far as possible the glut that some people end up with getting at once.

A lot of repair work will need to be done on the shed when we get some warm dry weather. The roof needs new felt and possibly new wood, and the whole shed needs a coat of paint. Having worked through and cleared some of the beds I’ve noticed that some of the boards will need replacing as they are rotten. For now they are usable, and will get us through this growing season, but in the interest of longevity they will need to be replaced next winter.

All in all we have a better idea of what we need to do, have come a long way already and are enjoying the journey.


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