First day on the allotment

Hi all!

Today was what could be a reasonably regular event for a Saturday: a good stint at the allotment for Tom. I was down there for an hour or so, getting my head around the plot, and working out where to start on the 9 beds. Once this busy thinking process was done I got to work with a fork and started clearing.

Fruits of today’s labour – one down, eight to go!

One of the beds looks like it needs some of the wood planks replacing so that will have to wait until the other beds have been cleared of weeds. The main priority here is to get as much of the plot ready for growing food as quickly as possible. Re-building projects can be left for later in the year and tackled as and when we have time.

In the top picture you can see the bed I cleared today, and in the bottom and sides of the picture you can see what we are starting with. Most of the weeds coming out are really well established with lots of large tap roots, and therefore really not fit for the compost bins. That being the case all of todays waste, regrettably in terms of self sufficiency, will be taken away to a council dump. The idea is that once all of the clearance is done we will be able to compost all of our waste there and reuse it on the beds.

Another cheeky bonus that we hadn’t really noticed before was that there are a couple of tunnels there which I’ve also cleaned up – two mesh ones to protect from birds and one cloth one for protection against frost. This will help to extend our range of growing potential.

The newly dug bed with frames in place

It feels really satisfying looking back at the bed, knowing that its ready for crops to be planted in it. I can’t wait to see more beds cleared and more importantly: seeing crops developing. I get the feeling as we do more and see more progress, the process will become more addictive.

We look forward to sharing more updates from this lovely patch of land.


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