Allotment ahoy!

Hi all!

In a previous post we spoke a little about our first preparations for vegetable gardening in our compact little back garden. Since then we have had a rather substantial turn of events which has broadened our horizons: we are getting an allotment plot. 

After we went out and bought seeds I was talking to a colleague at work who mentioned the idea of allotment gardening. Being a local he told me about an allotment close to where we live and had heard that there were vacant plots. That night I spoke about it to Sarah got on the case on Facebook and managed to find the person who deals with said allotment. Long story short: it turns out they still have some vacant plots (I was very surprised that there wasn’t a waiting list), and we arranged to take a look earlier today. Now there’s just the matter of the paperwork to fill out, the fees for the year to settle, then we will be getting started with our first allotment.

The plot we have got has a series of 9 raised beds, a small shed for tools, water butts and compost bins thus giving us the means to push the self sufficiency aspect to a couple of new levels. The plot has been vacant for a few months, so there are weeds to clear before we can get growing. However its only January; we still have a few weeks in order to get them in shape ready to start sowing our first crops so that shouldn’t be an issue.

At the moment we have a lot of ideas for what we want to achieve with the garden, and we look forward to seeing what is in store with the coming season.


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