First seeds purchased

Hi all!

How are we today? As you’ve guessed from the title Sarah and I have made our first purchase of seeds for the coming season. We have spoken about what we wanted to grow and last night we made a trip out to buy. I know that in a fully self sufficient state you should be able to propagate your own plants from scratch. However we are at the beginning of this journey, and don’t yet have the resources to do this. So for the time being we will be purchasing seeds to germinate and grow on.

We are limited with space, so we have to be selective and careful with how much we grow of what. Needless to say this planning will take some tweaking as we figure things out, but we will get there. So far we have: perpetual spinach, carrots, lettuce, courgette, sweet pepper, tomatoes, and runner beans. We already have mint growing, and will get some more herbs as the year progresses. Another time we will get some new potatoes to add to the collection.

The majority of the seeds we picked up can’t be planted until the weather gets a little warmer, around March. Once we get going we will do successional planting for some of the crops; planting a small amount of each, and waiting a couple of weeks before sowing another batch to spread the harvest over a longer period of time.

I have a collected some old pots (mainly from work where they get recycled if not re-used). The planters for the potatoes will take a little more adaption – I have seen a system that I’d like to try out. We’ll get two old buckets of the same size, one will have panels cut out of the sides before being placed inside the other. Once together they’ll be filled with soil and the chitted seed potatoes. The idea of having the inner bucket with the gaps is that you can lift it out and easily harvest the potatoes.

Having our little tin with seeds in makes it all that bit real, and makes the spring seem all that much nearer. It’ll be here before we know it I’m sure!


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